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Navigating India’s Digital Domain: Exploring Internet Usage Trends Amongst the Masses

Aug 30, 2023

Welcome to the Digital Domain! In this vast virtual world, people connect, share, and discover through the power of technology. In a world where the internet shapes every facet of our lives, India stands at the forefront of this digital revolution. With more than 692 million internet users, the country’s online landscape is a dynamic playground of opportunities. This article delves into the key statistics, trends, and usage patterns that illustrate India’s profound relationship with the internet.

Navigating India's Digital Domain

With over 900 million internet users, India was the second largest online market in the world, behind China. Despite the large number and a consistent increase in accessibility, internet penetration in the country was just under 50 percent, below the worldwide average. In comparison, 99 percent of populations in Denmark, United Arab Emirates, and Ireland had access to the internet.

Internet Penetration and Mobile Connectivity

As of 2023, India boasts an internet penetration rate of 48.7%, supported by a staggering 1.10 billion cellular mobile connections. This underscores the mobile revolution’s pivotal role in connecting India’s diverse population to the digital realm.

Key Insights: Internet Usage in India

Key MetricsValues
Internet Penetration48.7%
Number of Internet Users692m
Region with Highest PenetrationDelhi NCT

Website Statistics in India

India’s web presence is undeniable, with 5,708,965 websites catering to various interests and industries. To grasp the breadth of online activities, let’s examine the distribution of website types based on user preferences:

Website TypePercentage (%)
Search Engines98
Online Stores66
Social Media Websites and Applications66
Video Websites and Applications65
Company Websites and Applications48
News Websites and Applications44

The proliferation of websites is astounding, with a new website emerging every three seconds. In a world where the average reading speed is 200 to 250 words per minute, approximately 240 websites are born during the time it takes to read this article.

Businesses and Online Presence

Moreover, in India, businesses are readily adopting the digital landscape, with 62% of small enterprises employing their own online stores or e-commerce platforms. Generally, over the past five years, these ventures have experienced significant expansion. Additionally, 65% of them have derived up to half of their revenue from online sales during this period. Moreover, this trend highlights the growing importance of e-commerce in their overall business strategies.

Sales ChannelPercentage (%)
Business Website/ Online Store/ E-commerce62
Social Media55
Business Website (non-e-commerce)41
Physical Location41
Own Online Store/ E-commerce37
Online Marketplace34

Most Visited Websites in India, July 2023


As of May 2023, the most visited websites in India are:

  1. Google.com: Moreover, with around 12,052,396,104 visitors, Google remains the undisputed leader, serving as the go-to search engine and offering a wide array of services.
  2. YouTube.com: Moreover, with approximately 11,109,895,978 visitors, YouTube’s video-sharing platform consistently captures the attention of the Indian audience.
  3. xhamster20.desi: This adult website sees substantial traffic, with approximately 2,252,100,365 visitors.
  4. Facebook.com: With around 1,471,981,611 visitors, Facebook’s social networking prowess remains influential in India.
  5. Instagram.com: Generally, Instagram attracts significant attention, with approximately 802,076,055 visitors indulging in visual content.
  6. asurascans.com: Additionally, gathering approximately 792,234,003 visitors, this website mirrors India’s active engagement with diverse online content.
  7. Amazon.in: Moreover, the e-commerce giant attracts substantial traffic, with approximately 617,671,251 visitors frequenting its Indian platform.
  8. Twitter.com: Furthermore, Twitter’s microblogging platform remains popular, with approximately 568,590,872 visitors in India.
  9. Cricbuzz.com: Additionally, cricket-centric Cricbuzz appeals to sports enthusiasts, amassing approximately 537,055,415 visitors.
  10. 9animetv.to: Furthermore, reflecting the diverse interests of Indian users, this anime website attracts approximately 533,789,386 visitors.

Key Takeaways:

  • Search Dominance: Furthermore, Google and YouTube maintain their strong presence, highlighting the significance of search and video content in India.
  • Social Networking: Moreover, Facebook and Instagram continue to be central to India’s social networking scene.
  • E-commerce Impact: Additionally, Amazon’s online marketplace demonstrates the significant role of e-commerce in Indian consumers’ lives.
  • Content Diversity: Moreover, websites like asurascans.com and 9animetv.to showcase India’s diverse interests, spanning beyond traditional genres.
  • Sports and Entertainment: Furthermore, Cricbuzz and Twitter reflect India’s passion for sports and real-time updates.

Generally, these statistics highlight the diverse online interests and preferences of the Indian population. Additionally, these preferences span across a spectrum, encompassing everything from search engines and social media to e-commerce and specialized content platforms. Moreover, they underscore the wide range of digital activities that engage people in India.

Inside India’s Internet Usage: Data, Insights, and Trends of 2022

This page contains all the data, insights, and trends you need to help you understand how people in India use connected devices and services in 2022.

You’ll find our complete Digital 2022 report on India in the “full report” section below, but let’s start by taking a look at the essential headlines for digital adoption and use in India this year.

India’s Population in 2022

Metrics Values
Total Population 1.40 billion
Population Growth 13 million (+1.0%) between 2021 and 2022
Female Population 48.0%
Male Population 52.0%
Urban Population 35.9%
Rural Population 64.1%

India’s Population by Age

Age Group Percentage of Population
0 – 4 8.4%
5 – 12 13.4%
13 – 17 9.0%
18 – 24 12.4%
25 – 34 16.6%
35 – 44 14.3%
45 – 54 11.0%
55 – 64 8.0%
65+ 7.0%

Internet Use in India in 2022

Metrics Values
Total Internet Users 658.0 million
Internet Penetration 47.0%
Internet Users Growth 34 million (+5.4%) between 2021 and 2022
Offline Population 53.0%

Internet Connection Speeds in India in 2022

Connection Type Median Speed (Mbps)
Mobile 14.39
Fixed 47.40

Social Media Statistics for India in 2022

Platform Total Users Ad Reach (% of Population)
Facebook 467.0 million 33.4%
YouTube 467.0 million 33.4%
Instagram 230.3 million 16.4%
Facebook Messenger 122.5 million 8.7%
LinkedIn 83.00 million 5.9%
Snapchat 126.0 million 9.0%
Twitter 23.60 million 1.7%

Mobile Connections in India in 2022

Metrics Values
Total Mobile Connections 1.14 billion
Mobile Connections as % of Population 81.3%
Mobile Connections Growth 34 million (+3.1%) between 2021 and 2022

For more detailed insights and global comparisons, explore our comprehensive reports and stay up to date with the latest digital trends.


Generally, India’s digital journey is marked by swift expansion, mobile supremacy, and changing user choices. Additionally, as internet access becomes more widespread, it’s crucial for both businesses and individuals to approach this terrain with a primary focus on mobile, ensuring smooth interactions and captivating designs. Moreover, these trends highlight the internet’s remarkable transformative influence in shaping India’s forthcoming prospects.

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