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How to improve the standard of sports in India, Olympics

Jul 31, 2023

India’s Olympic success faces hurdles due to sports challenges, limited funds, facility access, and education prioritization which impacts the standard of sports of India. Yet, private investments in talent development bring hope for change. Athletes like Shiva Keshavan struggle, but groups like Anglian Medal Hunt enhance facilities and train for the Olympics.

With a vast population and improved team, India aims for better global performance in Rio. Despite obstacles, private funding and talent focus offer optimism for upcoming global events. This article delves into improving the standard of sports in India.

India’s Record-Breaking Olympic Triumph and the Growing Sports Budget
Initiatives taken by government to improve the standard of sports in India

This analysis provides a comparison of the past and present aspects of sports in India

A Comparative Analysis of past and present standards of sports in India

Shaping India’s Sports Environment: Key Stakeholders and Their Roles

India’s sports realm holds immense potential, yet challenges necessitate joint efforts. Let’s delve into pivotal contributors shaping the nation’s sports scene and their roles in fostering Olympic improvements.

Government and Sports Ministry

The government, both at the central and state levels, plays a pivotal role in sports development. The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports formulates policies and provides financial assistance to promote sports across the nation, including the Olympics.
Reference: According to reports, the Indian government allocated INR 2,596.14 crores for the development of sports and youth affairs in the fiscal year 2021-22. (Source: The Economic Times)

Sports Federations and Organizations

National and state-level sports federations are responsible for governing specific sports disciplines and organizing competitions. Various sports organizations, generally, contribute to sports development through events, training programs, and athlete support in the Olympics.

Reference: Moreover, The Sports Authority of India (SAI) has been instrumental in establishing sports academies across the country, aiming to nurture talent and provide advanced coaching facilities for the Olympics.

Sports Authorities

Sports authorities like the Sports Authority of India (SAI) focus on building sports infrastructure, coaching, and talent identification programs for the Olympics.
Reference: SAI has developed the National Centre of Excellence (NCOE) in various states to provide world-class training and facilities to talented athletes for the Olympics.

Private Sector

Generally, the private sector plays a significant role in sports development through sponsorship, funding, and corporate social responsibility initiatives. Private companies can invest in sports infrastructure and provide financial support to athletes, including the Olympics.
Reference: Reports show that corporate sponsorships in Indian sports reached INR 9,125 crore in 2019, indicating growing private sector involvement. (Source: Business Standard)

Coaches and Trainers for improving standards of sports in India

Quality coaches and trainers are crucial for nurturing talent and optimizing athlete performance in the Olympics.
Reference: The implementation of the Khelo India Scheme aims to provide talented athletes with access to the best coaches and facilities across the country. (Source: Khelo India)


Basically, athletes themselves bear the responsibility of dedication, commitment, and work ethic in their development and success in the Olympics.
Reference: Indian athletes have achieved notable successes in various sports, including shooting, badminton, wrestling, and boxing, gaining international recognition and medals in the Olympics.

Sports Culture

Fostering a sports culture that celebrates and values athletic achievements is essential for motivating athletes and inspiring public interest in the Olympics.
Reference: The surge in viewership for non-cricket sports and the rising popularity of sports leagues like the Indian Super League (ISL) and Pro Kabaddi League (PKL) indicate a positive shift in sports culture. (Source: The Times of India)

Education System is also important for improving the standard of sports in India

Additionally, integrating sports education into the mainstream curriculum is crucial for nurturing talent from a young age in the Olympics.
Reference: The Khelo India School Games initiative aims to promote sports culture in schools and discover young talents. (Source: Khelo India)

Cricket’s Overwhelming Dominance: A Detriment to India’s Sporting Diversity

Revered as India’s heartbeat, cricket has evolved into an all-consuming passion deeply ingrained in the culture. While cricket’s ardor is undeniable, its unparalleled dominance overshadows other sports, generally, hindering their Olympic growth. This article meticulously examines cricket’s ascendancy and its detrimental impact on diverse Olympic disciplines.

The All-Pervasive Cricket Craze
  • Cricket’s emotive connection secures its place in Indian hearts, uniting people across age, gender, and region.
  • Its broad appeal is apparent everywhere, with games played and viewed on streets, fields, and workplaces.
  • Legendary cricket figures like Dhoni, Kohli, and Tendulkar overshadow achievements in alternative domains.
  • Once India’s pride and national sport, hockey faces waning popularity, overshadowed by cricket’s prominence in the Olympics.
  • Despite indigenous origins and thriving leagues, kabaddi lacks the Olympic acclaim and celebration enjoyed by cricket
  • Gagan Narang, Sushil Kumar, and Leander Paes accomplished as they are, often stand eclipsed by cricket’s enormity, lacking comparable Olympic fanfare and backing.

Disparities in Resources and Opportunities
  • Differences in funding and infrastructure pose challenges in nurturing skills across sports, limiting progress.
  • Commercialization and media attention on a single sport result in other disciplines seeking limited resources and recognition.
  • Government and private sector efforts may uplift one sport, but similar backing for other athletic fields remains inadequate.

A Need for Equitable Promotion required to improve the standard of sports in India
  • Additionally, the corporate sector’s cricket-focused sponsorship perpetuates imbalances in attention and funding across the Olympic spectrum.
  • Furthermore, crucial changes in administration, infrastructure, and training are essential for nurturing talent equitably on the Olympic stage.
  • A comprehensive promotion strategy should highlight various sports, cultivating talent in tennis, badminton, wrestling, chess, and more within the Olympic realm.

Embracing Diversity in India’s Sporting Landscape
  • Celebrating cricket while also embracing a range of sports nurtures an inclusive and dynamic Olympic sporting landscape.
  • Supporting talents in non-cricket disciplines will enhance India’s prominence in the global sports arena during the Olympics.
  • Through embracing sports diversity, India can genuinely exhibit the nation’s abundant talent and fervor.
Steps to Boost Sports Culture and Excellence in India
  • Promote sports culture in schools and colleges with proper infrastructure and coaches.
  • Additionally, raise awareness about sports’ positive impact on health.
  • However, focus on identifying and nurturing young talent through systematic programs.
  • Moreover, organize regular competitions to encourage excellence.
  • Increase investments at the grassroots level and encourage public-private partnerships.
  • Ensure coaches receive fair compensation and proper facilities.
  • Moreover, offer nutrition and medical support for aspiring athletes.
  • Continuously monitor progress and gather feedback to enhance the sports ecosystem.
  • Moreover, provide advanced equipment to boost athletes’ global performance.
  • Recruit more sports-specialist doctors for athlete well-being.
  • Moreover, enhance rewards to inspire aspiring athletes.
  • Encourage diverse media coverage to motivate youth.
  • Emphasize sports for fostering unity, friendship, and education, improving India’s sports standards.

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