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Gautam Adani: From Rags to Riches – A Remarkable Success Story

Jan 8, 2024

Gautam Adani, born in 1962, is a successful Indian businessman who founded the Adani Group. From a humble background, he became one of the world’s richest people but faced financial challenges in 2023 due to fraud allegations. Adani is known for his ties to the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and his focus on “nation-building.” He started with a textile merchant family, dropped out of college, and built a conglomerate with interests in ports, logistics, power, mining, and renewable energy. Married to Priti Vora, they have two sons, Karan and Jeet, involved in the Adani Group. Adani’s net worth exceeds $100 billion.

Gautam Adani
Pic Source-Adani Group

Early Life:

  • Born: 1962 in Ahmedabad, India.
  • Enrolled at Gujarat University but dropped out of the commerce course in the second year.

Diamond Sorting and Trading:

  • Worked as a diamond sorter in Mumbai in the 1980s.
  • Started a diamond trading business, becoming a millionaire at 20.

Kidnapping Incident:

  • Reportedly kidnapped at gunpoint in 1998.
  • Released after a ransom demand.

Encounter with 26/11 Attacks

  • Narrowly escaped 26/11 terror attacks, hiding in a hotel basement.

Formation of Adani Group (1988)

  • Founded Adani Group initially trading in agricultural products and power.
  • Diversified rapidly in 1991 with the opening of the Indian economy.


  • Engaged in philanthropic activities with Adani Foundation.
  • Focus on education, community health, rural infrastructure, and sustainable livelihood.

Net Worth:

  • As of January 4, 2022, Forbes estimates his net worth at a little over $80 billion.
  • Briefly held the title of Asia’s richest in November 2021.


  • Ranked third most remarkable individual in India by India Today in 2019.
  • Life is a testament to focus, determination, and transforming humble beginnings into industrial success.

Business Career

Gautam Adani began his career in 1978 in the diamond industry, later trading diamonds and achieving his first million rupees by 1982. In the 1990s, he benefited from economic liberalization policies, and in 1995, his conglomerate secured the contract to develop the Mundra port. Adani’s relationship with the Gujarat state government played a crucial role in his business growth.

Adani faced controversies, such as the Mundra port deal’s environmental concerns and accusations of cronyism in winning airport contracts. Despite challenges, his conglomerate expanded through mergers and acquisitions. Adani’s net worth surged from $10 billion to $125 billion by 2022, making him one of the wealthiest individuals globally.

In 2023, a report accused the Adani Group of stock manipulation, causing a substantial market value loss. Adani countered the claims, denouncing them as a calculated attack on India. Rising from modest beginnings, Gautam Adani’s success journey unfolds through strategic investments, controversies, and global business magnate status.

Adani Hindenburg Case Verdict:

December 3, 2023:

  • Supreme Court rules against transferring Adani Hindenburg case investigation from SEBI to SIT.
  • Dismisses reliance on a third-party report.
  • Expresses faith in SEBI’s handling of the case.

Government and SEBI’s Role:

  • Government and SEBI to investigate Hindenburg report on short selling.
  • If any legal violations found, action will follow as per the law.
  • SEBI has completed investigations in 20 out of 22 matters.

Timeline Leading to the Verdict:

  • March 2023:
    • Supreme Court directs SEBI to investigate Adani Group based on Hindenburg report.
    • Sets up an expert committee led by Justice AM Sapre.
  • November 24, 2023:
    • Judgement reserved on PILs related to Adani Group’s alleged market manipulation.

Allegations and Market Impact:

  • January 2023: Hindenburg Research accuses Adani Group of accounting fraud and market manipulation.
  • Adani’s personal wealth drops nearly $60 billion.
  • Adani Group’s market value falls by close to $150 billion.
  • Adani Group denies all allegations.

Stock Market Reaction:

  • January 3, 2024:
    • Adani Group stocks surge 3% to 18%.
    • Overall market capitalization of Adani Group surpasses ₹15 lakh crore.
    • Adani Enterprises jumps over 9%, Adani Ports rises 6% to a 52-week high.
    • Adani Energy Solutions surges 18%, Adani Power hits a 5% upper circuit.
    • Adani Total Gas surges 10%, Adani Green Energy jumps nearly 9%, Adani Wilmar rises nearly 9%.

Post-Verdict Impact:

  • Stocks rise following the verdict, seen as favorable for the Adani Group.
  • Adani Group’s market capitalization experiences substantial growth.

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