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Currency and Comfort: Navigating Living Expenses Globally

Jan 17, 2024

The journey to live in a new place is exciting, but it comes with the challenge of understanding the costs involved. In simple terms, we’ll explore how different currencies and living costs can impact your lifestyle, providing valuable insights for a smoother financial journey. Whether you’re an expatriate, a traveler, or someone curious about global living, this guide aims to make the complexities of international expenses more accessible. Let’s navigate the world of currency and comfort together.

Top 10 Expensive Cities

Rank City Country Index (New York=100)
1 Singapore Singapore 104
2 Zurich Switzerland 104
3 Geneva Switzerland 100
4 New York US 100
5 Hong Kong Hong Kong* 98
6 Los Angeles US 97
7 Paris France 91
8 Copenhagen Denmark 89
9 Tel Aviv Israel 89
10 San Francisco US 86

Index (New York=100): Instrument which price is based on quotations of the contract for index reflecting 100 largest American technology stocks quoted on the American regulated market.

Top 10 Cheapest Cities

Rank City Geography Index (New York=100)
1 Buenos Aires Argentina 37
2 Chennai India 37
3 Lagos Nigeria 35
4 Ahmedabad India 34
5 Lusaka Zambia 33
6 Tunis Tunisia 32
7 Tashkent Uzbekistan 31
8 Karachi Pakistan 28
9 Tripoli Libya 23
10 Tehran Iran 20
173 Damascus Syria 13

Source-Jagran Josh

  • Singapore and Zurich jointly claim the top spot in the 2023 survey.
  • New York slips to the third position, sharing it with Geneva, Switzerland.
  • Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Paris, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, and San Francisco complete the top 10.
  • The top ten include two Asian cities, four European cities, three US cities, and Tel Aviv in Israel.
  • Singapore was named the world’s most expensive city for the ninth time in 11 years, tied with Zurich.
  • Zurich’s ascent is attributed to the strength of the Swiss franc and elevated prices for various goods and services.
  • The survey covers 173 cities, comparing over 400 prices for more than 200 products and services.
  • Damascus retains its status as the world’s most economical city.
  • Other affordable cities include Tehran, Tripoli, Buenos Aires, Chennai, Lagos, and Tashkent

Global Economic Influences

  • Ongoing impacts of the Russia-Ukraine crisis and COVID-19 variants lead to slower income growth and rising unemployment globally.
  • Aggressive national monetary policies contribute to economic challenges.

Regional Trends

  • European cities, especially in Switzerland, dominate the global top 10.
  • Tel Aviv leads the Middle East, with Dubai and Abu Dhabi witnessing notable ranking increases.
  • U.S. cities, including New York, see changes in rankings.
  • Zurich’s rise is influenced by the strength of the Swiss franc and increased prices for groceries, household goods, and recreation.
  • Singapore stands out for its high costs of transport and clothing.

Impact on Multinational Organizations

  • High inflation and market fluctuations directly impact purchasing power and standard of living.
  • Multinational organizations face challenges in managing a globally distributed workforce, particularly in tight labor markets.

Remote Work Dynamics

  • Extensive use of remote work prompts employees to reconsider priorities and work-life balance.
  • Organizations are compelled to reimagine work setups in response to changing employee expectations.


  • Multinational organizations must adopt strategic approaches to compensation, talent mobility, and work setups.
  • The correlation between cost and quality of living underscores the importance of holistic strategies for the well-being and productivity of global talent.

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